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I'd like to take just a moment of your time to let you know what Homestead Soaps is all about and how it began.  First of all, I am committed to making high quality natural soaps, without unnecessary chemicals, perfumes and dyes.   All of these soaps are handmade from original recipes which include a blend of rich plant oils that condition and nourish the skin while creating a wonderful lather that rinses clean.  Essential oils, organic herbs and other botanicals round out each recipe to create a natural bar of soap that beckons to be experienced.

Secondly, there is a strong commitment to be environmentally or eco-friendly.  Each small batch (60 bars) of natural soap is handmade with little environmental impact.   The ultimate goal is to be a zero impact company. The processes in place now are recycling and reusing boxes, bubble wrap and other containers received for soap making.  Keeping packaging to a minimum and continually making the right decisions for the environment.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and live what I believe.  That is why I feel so strongly about giving a portion of my profits to organizations who are committed to making life on this planet better.

I am confident that you will find this handmade herbal soap to be high quality and nourishing to both body and spirit.  Thank you for visiting Homestead Soaps.   I wish you a life filled with herbs, happiness, and harmony.  


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